Plant Department

At Whitehall Garden Centre we have one of the biggest plant areas in the south west and has a renowned reputation for the highest quality plants, with all hardy plants we offer a 5 year guarantee  no quibble service.We have one of the largest shrub collections in the South West consisting of Hydrangeas, Viburnums, Potentillas, Fuchsias, Choisyas, Cordylines, Pyracanthias, Lavatera’s, Berberis, Bamboos, Phormium, Lavandula, Hebes, Acers and Pieris.

Bedding Plants

Our bedding terraces at Whitehall Garden Centre have extensive ranges and displays of Chrysanthemums, Geraniums, New Guinea Impatiens, Lobelia, Bizzy Lizzies, Fuchsias, Begonias, Pansies, Coleus, Nemesia, Diascia, Helichrysum, Petunias, Million Bell’s, Stocks, Sweet Peas, Torenias, Salvias, Dianthus and Dahlias Come and visit our bedding terraces to find some wonderful displays to give you inspiration for your own garden and to unleash its full potential.

Climbers And Clematis

We have an extensive range of beautiful Clematis and Climbers including Lonicera, Evergreen Clematis, Passiflora, Wisterias, Ornamental Vines, Clematis Texesis & Viticella Group, Montana, Hydrangea, Petiolaris and Hedera’s.

Stoneware And Statues

Whitehall Garden Centres have a wide range of stoneware from quality manufactures such as Woodlodge, Cadix, Blakeway, Haddon Stoneware, Adorn and Naylor Patio Pots. When visiting our stoneware department you will find a great selection of high quality stoneware items including Glazed pots, Terracotta Pots, Classic Pots, Statues, Sundials, Urn’s, Saucers, Stands and a superior variety of modern and stylish fibre clay containers.


Our large range of Conifers include, Baby Blue, Boulevard, Ellwoodii, Picea, Juniperus Blue Carpet, Taxus Fastigiata Aurea, Teddy, Cupressus Goldcrest, Thuja Aurea ‘Nana’ Chamaecyparis Ellwoodii Empire and many more. Herbaceous Our plant departments take great care in obtaining our herbeaceous plants to ensure that you receive the highest possible standard. We have a wide range of Ferns, Hosta’s, Dahlia’s, Penstemon’s, Dianthus, Echinacea, Lobeilia, Agapanthus, Heuchera, Aster, Campanula, Delphiniums, Lupins, Phlox, Sedum, Nemesia, Cosmos, Salvia, Verbascum and Grasses.

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental tree’s are a great way to lighten up your garden and can easily become the centre piece plus they have very rewarding results. At Whitehall Garden Centre we have a large range of Ornamental trees in our plant department, ranging from Acer’s, Sorbus, Saliys, Betula’s, Prunus’s, Robina Frisia’s, Cornus, Eucalyptuss Malus and more.


Whitehall Garden Centre’s has an extensive range of different varieties of Fruit Tree’s and Soft Fruit plants. Fruit Tree Range: Plum’s, Apple’s, Cherry’s, Quinces, Mullbery’s and Pears. Fruit Range: Tayberry’s, Blackcurrants, Gooseberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Rhubarbs, Asparagus’s, Grape Vines and Kiwi’s.

David Austin Roses

After fifty years of intensive breeding, David Austin's English Roses combine the forms and fragrances of old roses with the repeat flowering of modern roses. They are very easy to grow, healthy and reliable. English Roses may be grown as magnificent, shapely shrubs or trained as short climbers. Our extensive collection contains a rose for almost every garden situation.

At Whitehall Garden Centre we have a wide range of David Austin and standard roses instore and online.  Roses vary from Climbing and Rambling, Garden Roses, Celebration Roses, Patio Roses, New England Roses, Classic Old Roses and Shrub Roses.

Raymond Evision Climbers

Clematis plants produced by Raymond Evison Clematis are some of the best in the world, and are distributed both throughout the UK and internationally.  These clematis are the result of over four decades of dedicated work in searching, breeding and cultivation. Raymond Evison's gold medal winning  plants undergo 10 years of trial and assessment to guarantee reliable, free flowering and top performing clematis in ranges that represent truly modern flowering plants in today's homes and gardens.

At Whitehall Garden Centre we stock a wide range of Raymond Evison Clematis’s online and instore.  Some of our favourite varieties include Chevalier, Dianas Delight, Rebecca, Chantilly, Kingfisher and Cezanne.