Pet & Nature Care

Within our pet department we sell pet foods, Treats, Bedding, Toys, Accessories & hygiene products from top brands such as Pedigree, Nestles Purina, Beaphar, & Petface. We also sell Hamsters, Guinea pigs, Budgies & Chickens. There are always professional members of staff on hand to provide advice and tips on keeping and maintaining your pets.

Pets and nature care products

Our wild bird care experts at Whitehall Garden Centre know that one of the most important things in looking after birds is the way you present and display the food.

We Stock a large selection of Wild Bird foods, Suet Treats, Dried Mealworms, Standard & Squirrel Proof Feeders, Nest Boxes, Bird tables & Feeding stations from brands such as Gardman, Chapelwood, Peckish, Natures Feast & RSPB.

Aquatic Centre

Whitehall Garden Centre Lacock Aquatic department has a large range of tropical fish, cold water fish, and pond fish (when in season). We cater for those who have been keeping fish for years, and can offer them new products onto the market, as well as fully stocked tanks to choose new fish from. Many of our regular customers are relatively new to the hobby and our staff enjoy fielding questions about aquarium set ups and maintenance and are happy to talk through the intricacies of starting off the nitrogen cycle and the pit falls of “New tank syndrome!”

We offer a wide range of aquariums in all shapes and sizes. Please call in, and talk to one of our staff who will be happy to help!

Tropical Fish

We stock a comprehensive range of tropical fish at Whitehall Garden Centre suitable for beginners and the more experienced fish keeper. You will find all the small community fish like Tetras, Mollys and Platys to the more unusual species like Cichlids, Shrimps and some of the rarer Plec's. It is always worth a look whenever you are passing.

Coldwater Fish

Coldwater fish are not forgotten either. We always have coldwater aquarium fish available all year round. During the pond season, we have a dozen vats full of pond fish including some very attractive looking Koi, Goldfish, Shubunkins and if you have a problem with blanket weed and your pond is fully enclosed and large then why not treat yourself to a couple of Grass carp.


Not many garden Centre’s can pride themselves on having reptiles in the aquatic department. We can! We offer snakes, spiders, lizards and frogs all year round. There is also a range of vivariums and all the products needed to create a living environment for a reptile or amphibian.

Now back at Whitehall is our popular Horsfield Tortoises!

Water Features

Our array of water features and waterfalls are suitable for any garden or pond and are constructed from a high quality resin. All of our water features are on display at our Aquatics Centre at Lacock.

Ponds and Pond Care

At Whitehall Garden Centre we take ponds and pond care very seriously. We stock liners, pre formed ponds and many treatments and “fix it” products. We’ve had years of experience working with ponds, and again, our staff are happy to offer advice on any problems or queries. For more information on any of our aquatic products/services please do not hesitate to contact us on 01249 730204.

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