Environmental Policy




The company offers the following recycling facilities for its customers:

1. Plastic Pot recycling facility is available in the main car park.

2. Battery recycling bins are available by the exit doors.

3. Whitehall sells compost bins for home recycling of food and garden waste.

4. Whitehall encourages the use of cardboard boxes to carry goods to the car which can then be recycled at home.

5. We provide facilities to recycle bottles, tins, paper and clothes in the main car park.





The company carries out the following recycling operations in conjunction with Wiltshire Waste:

1. All our plant waste is sent to be recycled into compost.

2. Hard plastic is segregated and recycled as extruded plastic.

3. Cardboard and paper is collected in seperate skips to be recycled.

4. All our food waste is sent to an anaerobic digester at Avonmouth to be converted into electricity.

5. All bottles and tins are recycled seperatedly.

6. Facilities are provided to recycle bottles, tins, paper and clothes in the main car park.

7. Metal and wood are collected and sent for reprocessing.

8. We have installed a Biomass boiler on site which reduces the use of fossil fuels. It is estimated that it saves upto 110 tonnes of CO2 emmissions per year.

9. Whitehall conforms to the "Waste Packaging Regulations" in which we carry out an annual exercise to determine the amount or materials that must be recycled annually.

10. We’ve reduced our energy consumption up to 45% by using a combination of low voltage and LED lights following a replacement of all fittings in 2015 at our Lacock Store.